Life Threatened by a New Species of Logic Resistant Humans

Updated: Feb 25

The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.” I would add to that, “while making chains to bind himself more.”

With the social media glut of information from every diverse perception, facts have become indiscernible and logic has become the enemy of the masses. When someone on social media claims to have “done their research” this really means copious amounts of surfing to support an already decided upon conclusion.

Facts don’t matter. Logic is extinct. Decision-making is emotions driven.

Purchasing has often been preceded with fact finding. When purchasing vegetables, one tests the firmness and ripeness before choosing the one that is just right. On the path to buying an automobile consumer reports, statistics, and customer reviews are carefully scanned-fact informed logic drove decision-making. Today most purchases, even large tickets items, are impulse ori