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The Insipid "Christ"

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In less than one week the the cries of the people in the streets of Jerusalem changed from “crown him” to “crucify him.” why? Simply put, they became disappointed with Jesus.

Not because He lacked power or was weak but because he did not meet their LOW EXPECTATIONS! They missed the infinite sovereign because they looked for a political king ... and we are no different.

We don’t want Jesus to free us from our sins and to make us His forever, we want Him to put money in our bank, give us a good house, and make us a success. We don’t want Jesus to free us from our sinful destructive behaviors, we want Him to applaud them and remove the negative consequences. We want a Jesus who calls us to a religion whose doctrine is unknown, discipline uncertain, and demands unrealized.

Much of the compromise in today’s Christianity exists for this same reason.

We are not looking for a church that is revived, on fire for God, and standing for the truth. We are looking for a big crowd, a popular church, and a celebrity preacher. We don’t want a sermon that makes us uncomfortable and calls us to a higher life, we want a sermon that strokes our ego and leaves us where we are.

The Kingdom of God which Jesus preached and inaugurated is a kingdom built on Himself in whom the fullness of the Godhead bodily resided.

If you put your trust in this insipid Jesus that is imagined in so much of modern Christianity

... a Jesus who doesn’t care how you live your life

... a Jesus who calls “hatred” anything that condemns sin

... a Jesus who is figuring things out as he goes along

... a Jesus who is slave to the whims of your will and desires

... a Jesus who didn’t really mean what the Bible says


But, if you put your trust in this Jesus found in the holy writ

... one who is Righteous, Just, Glorious, Mighty and True

... one who calls His people to holiness

... one who needs no marketer to build His church

.... one whose obedience to His Father’s will is absolute

... the one who finds you where you are and refuses to leave you there

If this is the Jesus in whom you put your trust then I can make the same promise to you that Paul made to the Romans - "Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed." (Romans 10:11)

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